Childbirth Trauma Can change The Way You Experience Postpartum

Motherhood is filled with the conflicts of beauty and terror, you feel love beyond measure but challenges you never knew were coming. This experience may bring a new mother unanticipated feelings of depression or anxiety. As much as women feel this, it isn’t common to expose it. Women feel obligated to be thankful for a healthy baby or happy about the birth of her new baby. 

Motherhood takes a lot of energy

One of the correlations to these negative postpartum feelings is how a woman perceives her birth experience. 45% of women report feeling of childbirth trauma and these feelings can lead into postpartum depression or postpartum ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder). Did she experience a traumatic delivery, and unplanned cesarean, or feel disrespected or unheard during her birth? All of these feelings stay with a mother as she transitions into postpartum, and some of these feelings stay with her for life. 

Many women are so tired after giving birth that ptsd after birth goes unrecognized. Women chalk it up to being a new parent. New babies need a lot of care and of course you are going to feel tired. This is the belief most women have and they accept this as their motherhood fate. The birth of a baby can start a variety of powerful emotions and it is important to understand that your birth experience may play into your postpartum depressive feelings. 


Creating a safe birth space is more important than most women realize. Feeling safe helps you labor without distraction. Helps you labor without fear. Helps you embrace this new and powerful process without worry. This is how women are meant to feel while they bring life into this world. 

However, it is not the case for the 45% I mentioned. This has an effect on them, their babies, and their families. To minimize the possibility of birth trauma, begin to form a birth team early in pregnancy. Learn as much as you can about what to look for in a good provider, one who aligns with your values and beliefs about birth. Learn as much as you can about the facility you want to birth in. Take a tour and get familiar with the unit, even consider how it feels energetically. 

Ask questions to the nursing staff to get a feel if this is a unit that is supportive of what you will be wanting for your birth. If it isn’t, think of going elsewhere. There is too much at stake to just accept a place that you don’t feel good in. Even if it means finding a new doctor. You have to protect your birthing space if you want to minimize the risk of having a traumatic delivery and experience. 

Put together a supportive birth team. If your partner feels unsure, take birth classes together to build confidence. Hiring a doula is very helpful if you can find one that you really connect with. Birth is about energy. Filling your space with positive happy energy brings forth a happy experience. Perceptions of support and love can make even the most difficult birth feel worth it. 

The Natural Birth and Beyond Method

How we perceive our experiences is how we can also minimize the trauma of birth. Birth is powerful, but it is also very challenging and will test your strength to the core. If you are ready to take this on you can have the most empowering birth imaginable. This is why I created The Natural Birth and Beyond Method. For women to learn how they can manifest their way to a great birth. An empowered birth that will help them through postpartum and beyond. There is a way you can enjoy your birth experience, your partner can enjoy their birth experience with you, keep your relationship strong and ready for what's to come as motherhood begins.  If you want to have your best birth, connect with me and let me guide you on your journey to experience your birth, your way with Marya Eddaifi Coaching.


About the Author

Hi, I'm Marya Eddaifi

I was only 22 when I had my son. It wasn't the best experience but I didn't know better.

It wasn’t until after I became a Labor and Delivery nurse did I realize how badly I was treated and grieved over my birth. Did I tell you this was 15 years later?

After realizing how nurses and medical providers impact such a huge life event, it became my mission to change the world through beautiful birth experiences!