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Changing the World Through Beautiful Birth Experiences

I love all things about birth, especially natural birth. I love to inspire women to believe they can have the birth of their dreams! If you also love a beautiful birth story, support those who want to experience a natural birth, or explore yourself for inner growth and happiness through the power of birth, then read on.

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Can You Manifest the Birth You Want?

You can manifest your birth by doing certain things a certain way.

Childbirth Trauma Can change The Way You Experience Postpartum

Motherhood is filled with the conflicts of beauty and terror, you feel love beyond measure but challenges you never knew were coming. This experience may bring a new mother unanticipated feelings of depression or anxiety. As much as women feel this, it isn’t common to expose it. Women feel obligated to be thankful for a healthy baby or happy about the birth of her new baby. 

First Time Dad Tips During Pregnancy

Are you tired of the jokes? Are you tired of the portrayal of a man looking like a bumbling fool with barely the ability to drive their very pregnant and now laboring wife to the hospital? Do you feel like you have more intellect than that? Do you want to be treated as an integral part of this team and not the 3rd wheel? Well if you do, you have come to the right place.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose An Elective C-Section

There are more than just physical problems that newborns are at risk for when born via cesarean. There are potential psychological problems that will show up later in their life. However, many of these problems are often missed as something correlated to the birth. What the newborn experiences in the womb creates predispositions, expectations, and vulnerabilities in their future. If you knew this, would you still elect for an unnecessary cesarean?

Nurturing the Sacred Postpartum Space

We must understand that as the new mother is dealing with life transitions of birth she is as vulnerable as her newborn and needs special care and attention during the time of postpartum.

What Do I Need Postpartum? Top 3 ways to have your best postpartum recovery by an L&D Nurse

The truth about birth is there is not enough postpartum preparation and recovery for a new mother. Today, women are sent home to figure it out on their own and many new mothers do not realize that all the issues you thought would go away after birth don’t. My thoughts always go to the idea that this time in postpartum must be protected and treated as sacred as it was meant to be. These are my top 3 must do's for postpartum mothers and their family.

Oxytocin: More than meets the eye

In this blog you will be introduced to the truth about oxytocin. Most people are familiar with oxytocin as the hormone that causes contractions for birth, but did you know that it is also a part of the calm and connection system we have that not only reduces our reactions to pain, but also helps in healing and has anti-inflammatory effects?

How to Have a Good VBAC

The World Health Organization Multicountry Survey (WHOMCS) collected data on pregnant women who had a previous cesarean in facilities across 29 countries. The incidence of uterine rupture was 0.5%, meaning out of 37,366 women, 170 experienced uterine rupture. Though the risk is low, there are some risk factors you should speak with your doctor about while you are deciding if a VBAC is right for you. 

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Hi, I'm Marya Eddaifi

I was only 22 when I had my son. It wasn't the best experience but I didn't know better.

It wasn’t until after I became a Labor and Delivery nurse did I realize how badly I was treated and grieved over my birth. Did I tell you this was 15 years later?

After realizing how nurses and medical providers impact such a huge life event, it became my mission to change the world through beautiful birth experiences!