From feelings of failure to confidence and success

Mindset can change everything

Hi, I'm Marya Eddaifi.

Not your average labor and delivery nurse.

My birth experience spans over a decade with labor and delivery and teaching my advanced course Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers

For the mothers, I can help you achieve your birth, your way.

For the fathers and partners, I am the one who can help you learn to feel confident and ready to be a parent.

For the birth professionals,  I am the one who can help your business reach levels you never thought were possible and help you fall in love with birth work again.

I am the best at what I do, and there is no one else who does what I do. In my programs, I have mastered the perfect blend of how the mind, body, and energy work together to create what it is you really want. You just have to know how! 

Marya Eddaifi, Birth Mentor
Three Available Programs

Which program is right for you?

Embracing Birth & Pregnancy

Natural Birth & Beyond Method

Do you want to feel empowered in your pregnancy and birth?

Do you want to have a better experience than your last birth?

Do you feel confused about how you can have the birth you really want?

Do you feel scared about birth?

Do you believe in the power of birth?

Do you want to know more about how you can rock your birth then smoothly transition into postpartum and beyond?

Do you want to be the best mother you can be but feel stuck in self-doubt?

Do you want to take your birth journey with a Birth Mentor expert?

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Thinking Into Results:

The Confident Parent Program

Are you scared of becoming a new parent?

Do you want to be a confident birth partner but feel stuck in self-doubt?

Do you want to be a confident parent?

Do you want to be an amazing role model to your child?

Are you worried you may not be enough for your new baby?

Do you feel you want to be a better parent with the kids you already have?

Do you want to leave a legacy of confidence, strength, and self-assurance to your children?

Do you fear that you won't be able to properly provide for your family when your newborn arrives?

Are you scared you don't know enough about babies to take care of your own?

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Thinking Into Results:

The Birth Biz

Do you want to fly and reach your dreams but feel stuck in self-doubt?

Have you tried multiple business coaches but haven’t seen results?

Do you want to make big money while supporting women and families?

Do you love supporting birth and postpartum but are questioning if you have time for that?

Do you want to love what you do and do what you love?

Do you want to have a purpose led business that is financially successful?

Do you want to live in abundance while feeling happy and balanced?

Are you ready to learn how to use the power of your mind to manifest a career or business that is deeply fulfilling and something you love to do?

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How does it work?

The power in anything we do starts in the mind.


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Dive into exploration of what you truly want from your birth experience, your parenting, or your birth business. Those insights help you refine and set the goals to achieve your dream. I'll be there to guide and encourage you along the way. This is your journey!


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Let's discover your goals with a free 90-minute consultation call.

Explore your strengths and experiences to leverage your journey while developing new resources for the long-term success and growth. As obstacles arise you'll have the new resources to tackle any of them.


Set a New Paradigm

Learn a one-of-a kind system designed to facilitate positive permanent changes in any area of your life. This method is based on over 75 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement. What really makes successful people successful!

Marya changed my entire perspective of childbirth with her work.

I came to her with past trauma, anxiety, and fear. Each week she worked with me to allow my mind to fully let go of the past and to leave it there and not let it affect me anymore. I left her each time feeling free and more confident. When it came time to give birth, I had zero fear. I felt positive, and I felt POWERFUL. I was EXCITED to give birth!! I was in complete control. My breathing and my face was completely calm, the nurse didn’t even believe that I was in labor. In fact, she left my husband and I alone in the delivery room and I delivered my beautiful baby just my husband and I, having only been at the hospital for 10 minutes! I didn’t push a single time. Marya made room for my baby, both mentally and physically and taught me how to gain my own power. I no longer fear birth and will practice all Marya taught me in my future births that I am well looking forward to :) I now believe there is a bad, good, better, and best way to prepare for birth and Marya’s program teaches you the very best way, all you have to do is commit!

Testimonial by T.S.
Marya has changed my way of thinking, allowing me to go after the things that I WANT.

Marya has been such a positive influence and inspiration to my life! Sometimes you just go through life trying to make certain decisions hoping that it will be good ones, but since meeting her, she has changed my way of thinking, allowing me to go after the things that I WANT in a way that will fulfill my goals, rather than just hoping I will get them. Before, my mindset was “I will try to do this and hope for the best,” but now it’s “I AM and WILL do this to get what I need.” Thank you for changing my way of thinking and the way I view things!

Testimonial by Johanna Autrey
Marya has played an instrumental part of my life.

We met during nursing school. Marya has inspired me in so many ways. She has been my mentor, friend and sister from day 1. She has always been resilient and has a go getter mentality! She doesn’t settle for anything less. I would call her with personal problems or business ventures and she always provided me with not only solutions, but tools to assist me along my journey. Marya is wise beyond her years. Marya was born to lead/stand out! She always thinking outside of the box. Marya has always been one step ahead of her peers! Entrepreneur spirit! Marya is advocate for whatever she believes in. She will fight to the end to protect and defend what and who she believes in. She’s a woman of grace, love, beauty, faith, prestige, confidence and boldness.

Testimonial by Tomeka Jones
The change in my confidence that I have within myself is something I could never thank her enough for.

Marya came into my life during a very vulnerable and challenging time. I was starting a new career, in a new country, and felt so unsure of myself every single day. It was almost debilitating at times. She recognized that within me, and I believe immediately saw her opportunity to change my mindset and equip me with tools and knowledge to give me confidence and feel empowered. I use that knowledge and the tools every single shift when I am at work. The change in my confidence that I have within myself is something I could never thank her enough for. She never accepts negative talk, and when she hears self-doubt among the people around her, she is the first one playing devil’s advocate with ways to change the outcome. She has this special way of encouraging and challenging people to change their mindsets into “how can I make this happen”, instead of “this will never happen”. I will be eternally grateful for the role Marya has played, and will continue to play in my life. I can only imagine the positive energy she will bring to those around her in the future. It’s been a privilege to know her and learn from her!!

Testimonial by Samantha McCardle-Willcox

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the coaching process take?

The Natural Birth and Beyond Method is 4 months with weekly zoom calls, while The Birth Biz Program and The Confident Parent is 6 months with weekly zoom calls. After the program has concluded, you can keep your course materials and methods you've learned into a life-long application.

How will I change through coaching?

The Natural Birth & Beyond Method:        
When you learn to use the power of your mind to create anything you want, you will be able to take on the challenges of your labor through your mindsetThe Natural Birth and Beyond Method will do more than “just get you through.” It will teach you to create the mindset of the woman who can embrace and surrender to her birth because she fully trusts herself, her body, and birth. Your journey does not stop at birth. This method will take you beyond your successful natural birth and into life as a new mother, new person, and new woman. You will embrace who you have become and enjoy every step of the way because you have the power within your mind to do so.

The Confident Parent Program:        
During this program, you will earn how your paradigms have limited your confidence. Once you learn how to shift a paradigm, you will know how to shift all paradigms that hold you back from becoming the person and parent you want to be.This program will teach you how to clarify your goals with precision and then set yourself up to make them happen by learning how to do certain things a certain way.The science behind The Confident Parent Program is proven to help you create the permanent results that you want, let go of the person you no longer wish to be, and let in the new person you have always wanted to be – for good!

The Birth Biz:    
This program was designed for the birth professional in mind. You can use the concepts and methods and create the success you really want. It is for the professional who owns their own practice, works at the bedside, or is venturing into entrepreneurship.By peeling back layers that have been self-limiting to you professionally, you will be able to push past the plateau you have been stuck at. You will learn to shift paradigms that have stopped you from going after the success you deserve, held you back from loving your work, and even prevented the income you really want to have so you can enjoy your life while loving what you do.In 6 months, your life will never be the same, the empowerment you get from each lesson will show you how to go after what you want with confidence and enthusiasm. You will be living your purpose, you will be loving your life, and you will be a proud birth professional with a successful business.

Are there payment plans offered?

Yes. On each program's page, you'll find the pricing options available for each product. My Natural Birth and Beyond program, The Confident Parent Program, and The Birth Biz all have available payment plans. Contact me if you have any additional questions!

How much is tuition for each program?

Each of the programs vary in length and cost. You'll find the unique pricing on each program's page. Contact me if you have any additional questions or need help navigating to the program you're looking for.

How often do we meet?

You'll meet with me for one hour each week over the course of four or six months depending on the program you choose.

Still have questions?

Let's talk! I can answer any additional questions you have.

The DLM App

Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM (DLM) offers a unique approach to solving many complications that arise and prevent physiologic birth and is now available at your fingertips. The DLM app is for parents and birth professionals who need something quick to help them during difficult labors.

The DLM mobile app gives quick and easy access to natural and gentle solutions for long painful labors, malpositioned babies, or labor dystocias. Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM was designed to help decrease the need for operative deliveries or cesarean sections.

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