The Natural Birth and Beyond Method

Enjoy the birth you want, the way you want.  

There are no second chances! Every birth is a unique experience.

I believe your birth should be more than just “a healthy baby and a healthy mom” kind of experience. Pregnancy and birth are a journey that is never forgotten. Every woman deserves to enjoy her birth and relish in the memories.

Women deserve to feel empowered by their birth so they can fully embrace their transition into motherhood and beyond.

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of new mothers reported experiencing birth trauma.

of US births are Cesarean and this rate continues to rise.

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Course Summary

The power to birth naturally starts in the mind.

The Natural Birth and Beyond Method will go beyond preparing you for natural labor, it will take you on a journey of personal growth and development where you will learn how to use the power of your mind to achieve more than a successful, beautiful, and memorable natural unmedicated birth.

This one-of-a-kind system is designed to facilitate positive, profound, and permanent changes in your life. The method is based on over 75 years of intensive research in the science and mechanics of personal achievement, what really makes successful people successful.

Why do some women get the birth they want, while others don't?

 The power is in the belief of understanding that thoughts become things. As a labor and delivery nurse for over a decade, I have witnessed beautiful and powerful births. Yes, you can manifest your dream birth, yes you deserve your dream birth, but you have to learn how to do certain things a certain way.

I have learned how and I live by this very same belief to attract what I want into my life by the thoughts I choose to think, and guess what.... It works. I trained on manifestation with the best, Mr. Bob Proctor.

After completing this perfectly designed program Thinking Into Results for myself,  I learned how to organize and use his proven methods to literally manifest whatever I want. Now all you have to do is tell me what you want, and I will show you how to get it. It isn't magic, it is science!

get the birth you want

How does it work?

Mindset can change everything.


Choose to have the birth you deserve

There are no second chances, so choose to have the birth you really want.


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What's Included

With each lesson you will learn how to use your thoughts and your mind, in ways that will allow you to achieve the results you want. As you transition into motherhood you can take this training into your next phase and become the mother you really want to be. These lessons will take you beyond the birth plan and beyond the 4th trimester, these lessons will be with you for life!  

Weekly Live Virtual Coaching

There is nothing more powerful than having an experienced coach in your corner. Meeting every week to solidify the lessons is what makes this program so special.  

Participant Guide & Course Videos

Each lesson includes a workbook and video for you to create your impenetrable belief in yourself to experience your birth your way.

Preparing Your Mind, Body, & Soul

This all-inclusive program is dedicated to making sure you are prepared from all directions for your birth. This includes unlimited Emotion Code energy healing sessions to clear any trapped negative emotions and physical bodywork awareness preparation for a smooth and easier birth

My Support Continues Postpartum

"Birth" doesn't stop after you delivery your baby. Postpartum is a big part of your birth experience. This is why I include 6-week virtual postpartum support to help with adjusting to caring for yourself and your newborn

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.
Bob Proctor
Course Overview

8 Lessons


Deciding, Designing & Defining

In order to achieve your goal of a natural birth, you first must decide you are going to have a natural birth. Picture it exactly the way you want, there is no limit to what you can have. In this lesson you will learn how to grow beyond what you originally thought you could have.


Know Your "Why"

Often we know things, but we don't do the things that we know we should do or shouldn't do. Most of us are confronted with the same challenge of doing things we don't want to and getting results we don't want but for some reason.... We continue to do them. In this lesson I am going to teach you how you can change this habit so you can start seeing results you want.


Understanding the Mind

We think in pictures. and if you can not "see" your birth you will feel confused, fearful and start avoiding the vision altogether. Thoughts become things, so you need to think about the birth you want. You must paint a picture of how you want it to look in your mind. In this lesson I will help you create a birthing vision you feel comfortable, happy, and safe with.


The Higher Facilities

You will find many people are programmed at birth to live from the outside influences and we are frequently controlled by the information flowing into our conscious minds through the 5 senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. However, if you want to be in control of the results you get from life, you must live from the inside out using your higher faculties. In this lesson I will introduce you to your intellectual faculties of reason, perception, imagination, will, intuition, and memory to bring control into your life and circumstances.


Create Your Environment

Everyone has an image of themselves. You have programmed into the deep recesses of your mind a perception of who you are, what you are and what you are worth. This is your "Inner Self-Image" and will control what comes into your life and how well you do it. You also have an outer image, the one you project to the world and this image is the outer expression of the inner image. Your results are always a reflection of what is going on internally. In this lesson we will explore who your inner self-image is and how you can move toward the image you really want to be.


Crushing the Barrier of Fear

Think of how many years that have gone by with a lack of belief in yourself, this means it is going to take some serious dedicated work to replace it with belief in yourself. Many of us really want this, but then why don't we get this? In this lesson I will teach you how to overcome the barrier of fear that stops you from achieving your goals.


Align Belief with Behavior

Praxis is a very powerful word; it means the integration of belief with behavior. Let this word sink in and you will soon realize how huge this idea is. Praxis describes the mental-physical state a person is in that is getting them the results they are currently getting. Choosing an unmedicated birth can seem easy, but fulfilling the desire of a natural birth takes true praxis.



Attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You build either a positive or negative image of natural birth, and based on this image you create your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learn to create the right attitude to have your natural birth dream become a reality.

My program is inspired by Thinking Into Results

If you don’t have the mindset, you won’t do what you set out to accomplish. This is the most important lesson I learned from Bob Proctor. This is for everything in life, to include your birth.

My passion is to help women achieve the birth of their dreams. My approach is to use The Law of Attraction to help women get it. When you learn how to manifest the birth you want, you will learn how to manifest becoming the parent you wish to be, and you will also learn how to manifest the life you really want to live. It is that powerful!

Marya changed my entire perspective of childbirth with her work.

I came to her with past trauma, anxiety, and fear. Each week she worked with me to allow my mind to fully let go of the past and to leave it there and not let it affect me anymore. I left her each time feeling free and more confident. When it came time to give birth, I had zero fear. I felt positive, and I felt POWERFUL. I was EXCITED to give birth!! I was in complete control. My breathing and my face was completely calm, the nurse didn’t even believe that I was in labor. In fact, she left my husband and I alone in the delivery room and I delivered my beautiful baby just my husband and I, having only been at the hospital for 10 minutes! I didn’t push a single time. Marya made room for my baby, both mentally and physically and taught me how to gain my own power. I no longer fear birth and will practice all Marya taught me in my future births that I am well looking forward to :) I now believe there is a bad, good, better, and best way to prepare for birth and Marya’s program teaches you the very best way, all you have to do is commit!

Testimonial by Tiffany Smith
Marya has changed my way of thinking, allowing me to go after the things that I WANT.

Marya has been such a positive influence and inspiration to my life! Sometimes you just go through life trying to make certain decisions hoping that it will be good ones, but since meeting her, she has changed my way of thinking, allowing me to go after the things that I WANT in a way that will fulfill my goals, rather than just hoping I will get them. Before, my mindset was “I will try to do this and hope for the best,” but now it’s “I AM and WILL do this to get what I need.” Thank you for changing my way of thinking and the way I view things!

Testimonial by Johanna Autrey
Marya has played an instrumental part of my life.

We met during nursing school. Marya has inspired me in so many ways. She has been my mentor, friend and sister from day 1. She has always been resilient and has a go getter mentality! She doesn’t settle for anything less. I would call her with personal problems or business ventures and she always provided me with not only solutions, but tools to assist me along my journey. Marya is wise beyond her years. Marya was born to lead/stand out! She always thinking outside of the box. Marya has always been one step ahead of her peers! Entrepreneur spirit! Marya is advocate for whatever she believes in. She will fight to the end to protect and defend what and who she believes in. She’s a woman of grace, love, beauty, faith, prestige, confidence and boldness.

Testimonial by Tomeka Jones
The change in my confidence that I have within myself is something I could never thank her enough for.

Marya came into my life during a very vulnerable and challenging time. I was starting a new career, in a new country, and felt so unsure of myself every single day. It was almost debilitating at times. She recognized that within me, and I believe immediately saw her opportunity to change my mindset and equip me with tools and knowledge to give me confidence and feel empowered. I use that knowledge and the tools every single shift when I am at work. The change in my confidence that I have within myself is something I could never thank her enough for. She never accepts negative talk, and when she hears self-doubt among the people around her, she is the first one playing devil’s advocate with ways to change the outcome. She has this special way of encouraging and challenging people to change their mindsets into “how can I make this happen”, instead of “this will never happen”. I will be eternally grateful for the role Marya has played, and will continue to play in my life. I can only imagine the positive energy she will bring to those around her in the future. It’s been a privilege to know her and learn from her!!

Testimonial by Samantha McCardle-Willcox

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Connecting to your partner during the birthing process is so important! Giving birth brings couples together, especially if  goals, thoughts, and expectations about birth are aligned. If your partner is invested in supporting your natural birth, invite them to participate further with the Thinking Into Results program from Proctor Gallagher. When these programs are explored in tandem, couples set goals and expectations together, creating the best possible birthing outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the coaching process take?

The Natural Birth and Beyond Method as a deep and intensive program that is 4 months long.  After the program has concluded, you can keep your course materials and methods you've learned into a life-long application.

How will I change through coaching?

When you learn to use the power of your mind to create anything you want, you will be able to take on the challenges of your labor through your mindset The Natural Birth and Beyond Method will do more than “just get you through.” It will teach you to create the mindset of the woman who can embrace and surrender to her birth because she fully trusts herself, her body, and birth. Your journey does not stop at birth. This method will take you beyond your successful natural birth and into life as a new mother, new person, and new woman. You will embrace who you have become and enjoy every step of the way because you have the power within your mind to do so. 

What if I don't have 4 months left in my pregnancy are there other options available?

Yes. Contact me for more options.

Are there options that don't include all the services in your all-inclusive program?

Yes. I have other options to meet unique needs. Please contact me under the "Still have Questions" link.

How often do we meet?

You'll meet with me for 90 minutes each week over the course of 4 months.

Still have questions?

Let's talk! I can answer any additional questions you have.

Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor

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Even if this isn't your first pregnancy, it's possible you still have concerns to address with the doctor. Here's a list of questions to ask about inductions, cesarean sections, pushing positions, and more.

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The DLM App

Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM (DLM) offers a unique approach to solving many complications that arise and prevent physiologic birth and is now available at your fingertips. The DLM app is for parents and birth professionals who need something quick to help them during difficult labors.

The DLM mobile app gives quick and easy access to natural and gentle solutions for long painful labors, malpositioned babies, or labor dystocias. Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM was designed to help decrease the need for operative deliveries or cesarean sections.

About Marya

Over the years I have helped hundreds of women achieve their goal of an unmedicated birth. I used a combination of my nursing skills, bodywork skills, doula skills, and mindset coaching. 

What I learned over the last decade was the most powerful tool they used was their mindset. Making the decision in their mind was key to their achievement. 

When you learn how to harness the power of your thoughts you can create the birth you want. I am here to help you take your dreams and turn them into your reality. Your Birth- Your Way.