The Birth Biz

Turn your passion for birth into a successful business.  

Over 140 Million Babies Are Born Every Year In the World

That is a lot of families to support! Your business should make your life better not stress you out.


of new business fail during the first two years of being open.

of new business fail during the first five years of being open.

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


of new business fail during the first ten years of being open.

of new businesses make it over to 15 years or more.

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Course Summary

Turn your passion for birth into a thriving business.

You’ve fallen in love with birth and now you have decided to make it your business to help families have a better birth experience.

But now you realize, falling in love with birth didn’t prepare you for HOW to run a successful business. Fear sets in and questions arise. 

“How much should I charge?”,“I don’t know the first thing about being a business owner, what if I fail?”“I want to be successful, but I don’t know how.”

Without having the answers to these questions, this big idea is quickly squashed, forgotten, or left as only a dream,  never to blossom into the success you are meant to have. 

Learn to Attract What You Want

Believe me, I understand these questions all too well. For over 20 years I served in the US Air Force as a medic and a Labor and Delivery Nurse, my paychecks were guaranteed and my health benefits were guaranteed. Although I knew I wanted more, I also knew that I had never been an entrepreneur, a business or company owner, never had my own employees, or even knew how to navigate an online presence. It was all so new to me.

I wanted my own company and I wanted to serve the birth community my way. But, I also wanted to do this as successfully as I could, I just had to learn how. 

Fulfill Your Calling and Live Your Purpose.

I have dedicated my life to helping you create generational wealth for you and your family. One of my greatest strengths is helping other ambitious birth professionals step into their true passion. It is my duty to help my clients become the best version of themselves and actually achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

When you work with me you will learn the skills and methods it takes  to create a lasting, meaningful, purpose-lead, and prosperous business

Your Mind is Your Greatest Tool

Over the years, I have used the power of the mind to help others create the life they really want. 

What I learned over the last decade was the most powerful tool you can use to achieve anything you want is mindset and how you think. Make the decision and think it through to completion. That is how you Think Into Results.

When you learn how to harness the power of your thoughts you can create your business exactly how you see it. I am here to help you take your ideas of what that looks like to you and turn them into your reality.

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What's Included

With each lesson you will learn how to use your thoughts and your mind, in ways that will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams.

1:1 Coaching

Were you chosen to fulfill a sacred purpose? I know the pull of a calling and the power of a coach to help you reach your dream. Weekly meetings with me to help you embody the new identity of the one who is wildly successful yet aligned with your purpose.

Participant Guide

With each lesson, you'll have a participant guide to track your progress in. These guides not only have places to physically write in, but also quotes, readings, and more from the lessons.

Access to Proctor Gallagher's Thinking Into Results

My mentor Bob Proctor was THE BEST in the personal development and professional growth industry. I have learned everything he knew about creating the life you really want. I am going to teach you his ways and infuse my birthing professional perspectives to help you become a more successful birth professional.

12 Lessons

12 POWERFUL and LIFE CHANGING Lessons are part of the 6-month program. Designed by Bop Proctor himself, but brought you you by a successful and experienced birth professional who understands what it takes to create a successful business in birth.

I see only the objective, the obstacles must give way.  
Napoleon Bonaparte
Course Overview

12 Lessons


A Worthy Ideal

Learn how to set worthy goals and achieve them.


The Knowing/Doing Gap

Learn how to shift your paradigm to become productive through your actions.


Your Infinite Mind

Improving your habits through the power of your mind will affect all areas of your life.


The Secret Genie

Understanding your potential and how to tap into it.


Thinking into Results

With the power of thought, stay in charge of life's circumstances.


Environment is But Our Looking Glass

Imagine and create your ideal self-image and the environment you want.


Trample The Terror Barrier

Overcome your fears and reasons to procrastinate.


The Power of Praxis

By aligning your beliefs and actions, you can achieve your desired results.


The Magic Word

Explore attitude and how it affects your life's outcome.


The Most Valuable Person

Learn to become a powerful leader.


Leaving Everyone With The Impression of Increase

Give and you shall receive; so give your best and uplift others.


Magnifying the Mind

Reach your goal with accountability and guidance.

Try Lesson 1 for Free

Visit Proctor Gallagher's website to try Lesson number 1 for free today! Download the participant guide, audio, watch the video, and complete the exercises.

Who Created Thinking Into Results?

Bob Proctor is considered the world's foremost expert on the human mind and studied thousands of books within his lifetime. While reading "Think and Grow Rich," Bob was inspired to create his own personal development company.

Sandy Gallagher was an attorney that was inspired by Bob Proctor during a three-day lecture series. Together they created the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Marya changed my entire perspective of childbirth with her work.

I came to her with past trauma, anxiety, and fear. Each week she worked with me to allow my mind to fully let go of the past and to leave it there and not let it affect me anymore. I left her each time feeling free and more confident. When it came time to give birth, I had zero fear. I felt positive, and I felt POWERFUL. I was EXCITED to give birth!! I was in complete control. My breathing and my face was completely calm, the nurse didn’t even believe that I was in labor. In fact, she left my husband and I alone in the delivery room and I delivered my beautiful baby just my husband and I, having only been at the hospital for 10 minutes! I didn’t push a single time. Marya made room for my baby, both mentally and physically and taught me how to gain my own power. I no longer fear birth and will practice all Marya taught me in my future births that I am well looking forward to :) I now believe there is a bad, good, better, and best way to prepare for birth and Marya’s program teaches you the very best way, all you have to do is commit!

Testimonial by T.S.
Marya has changed my way of thinking, allowing me to go after the things that I WANT.

Marya has been such a positive influence and inspiration to my life! Sometimes you just go through life trying to make certain decisions hoping that it will be good ones, but since meeting her, she has changed my way of thinking, allowing me to go after the things that I WANT in a way that will fulfill my goals, rather than just hoping I will get them. Before, my mindset was “I will try to do this and hope for the best,” but now it’s “I AM and WILL do this to get what I need.” Thank you for changing my way of thinking and the way I view things!

Testimonial by Johanna Autrey
Marya has played an instrumental part of my life.

We met during nursing school. Marya has inspired me in so many ways. She has been my mentor, friend and sister from day 1. She has always been resilient and has a go getter mentality! She doesn’t settle for anything less. I would call her with personal problems or business ventures and she always provided me with not only solutions, but tools to assist me along my journey. Marya is wise beyond her years. Marya was born to lead/stand out! She always thinking outside of the box. Marya has always been one step ahead of her peers! Entrepreneur spirit! Marya is advocate for whatever she believes in. She will fight to the end to protect and defend what and who she believes in. She’s a woman of grace, love, beauty, faith, prestige, confidence and boldness.

Testimonial by Tomeka Jones
The change in my confidence that I have within myself is something I could never thank her enough for.

Marya came into my life during a very vulnerable and challenging time. I was starting a new career, in a new country, and felt so unsure of myself every single day. It was almost debilitating at times. She recognized that within me, and I believe immediately saw her opportunity to change my mindset and equip me with tools and knowledge to give me confidence and feel empowered. I use that knowledge and the tools every single shift when I am at work. The change in my confidence that I have within myself is something I could never thank her enough for. She never accepts negative talk, and when she hears self-doubt among the people around her, she is the first one playing devil’s advocate with ways to change the outcome. She has this special way of encouraging and challenging people to change their mindsets into “how can I make this happen”, instead of “this will never happen”. I will be eternally grateful for the role Marya has played, and will continue to play in my life. I can only imagine the positive energy she will bring to those around her in the future. It’s been a privilege to know her and learn from her!!

Testimonial by Samantha McCardle-Willcox

The Birth Biz Program

Six payments of

$ 2,000

Lifetime access to course material

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with me for six months

12 lessons with videos and participant guide

Learn how to use your thoughts and your mind to achieve the dream business you have always wanted

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Save $2000 with One-time payment of

$ 10,000

Lifetime access to course material

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with me for six months

12 lessons with videos and participant guide

Learn how to use your thoughts and your mind to achieve the successful business of your dreams

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Download Your Free Resources

Enter your email to receive a free PDF download of my Stalled Labor Flow Chart, "Serenity" a meditation by James Allen, and "You Were Born Rich" by Bob Proctor.

Free Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the coaching process take?

Each program will take 6 months. After the program has concluded, you can keep your course materials and methods you've learned into a life-long application.

How will I change through coaching?

This program was designed for the birth professional in mind. You can use the concepts and methods and create the success you really want. It is for the professional who owns their own practice, works at the bedside, or is venturing into entrepreneurship.

By peeling back layers that have been self-limiting to you professionally, you will be able to push past the plateau you have been stuck at. You will learn to shift paradigms that have stopped you from going after the success you deserve, held you back from loving your work, and even prevented the income you really want to have so you can enjoy your life while loving what you do.

In 6 months, your life will never be the same, the empowerment you get from each lesson will show you how to go after what you want with confidence and enthusiasm. You will be living your purpose, you will be loving your life, and you will be a proud birth professional with a successful business.

Are there payment plans offered?

Yes. You can either pay for the program in full at the beginning or pay with monthly payments.

Are there other program options available?

Yes, I have other options available. Please use the contact me link or schedule a connect call to discuss what I have available that may better suit your needs.

How often do we meet?

You'll meet with me for 90 minutes each week over the course of six months.

Still have questions?

Let's talk! I can answer any additional questions you have.

About Marya

Trained by the legendary Bob Proctor I help professionals get in touch with who they are, what they are capable of, and what they want in life. 

I help birth professionals scale their business to the level they dream of. My approach is based on decades of research, study, and application to help professional elevate their thoughts and bring the hidden best part of them to the surface so they can succeed in ways the never thought possible!

“We all have the ability to design our own lives” – Bob Proctor