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A Course for Birthing Professionals

Are you frustrated with watching a mother struggle to progress in her labor? It can be heartbreaking to witness the struggle and effort put into labor, only to have it end in a different outcome than anticipated.

I have been committed to supporting both mothers and birth professionals through these difficult situations for over a decade. During this journey, I developed a unique and powerful approach that you can access online at your own convenience. 

Marya presenting DLM concepts at the Normal Birth and Labor Research Conference in England

Course Summary

Expand your mind

Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers was designed specifically for birth professionals. It was created by an obstetrical  nurse with over a decade of experience in labor and delivery and soft tissue bodywork.

Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM
equips birth professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate challenging situations, offering guidance on optimal fetal positioning, repositioning techniques, fascia release work, and emotional support for both the laboring individual and the birth professional themselves.

DLMSM will expand your mind to find natural and gentle solutions to long painful prodromal labors, malpositioned babies, or dystocias to decrease the need for operative deliveries or c-sections.

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Burn Out In Birth Work Is Real

Get your passion back with DLMSM



~1 in 5

of OB providers in the United States are burned out or stressed and exhausted.

U.S. nurses report feeling burnt out

women around the world will give birth via c-section




The Truth About Pitocin

Are you tired of the uncertainty and risks associated with using Pitocin during labor? Do you wish there was a safer and more effective way to induce contractions and facilitate a smoother birth process? Well, we have some exciting news for you!

As birth professionals we know that high doses of Pitocin comes with its own set of challenges and associated risks. It’s not always as effective as we’d like it to be and pushing the dose to the maximum can lead to complications during labor, and an increased risk of postpartum hemorrhage. But what if there was a better way?

But what if I told you there was a way to possibly avoid the need for Pitocin augmentation? Or what If you didn’t need to administer the maximum amount to create active labor? What if?

Recent studies have shed light on the incredible role of fascia in the body. It's not just a passive connective tissue; it's a Biomechanical Auto-Regulatory System that interacts with the nervous system and circulatory system. When fascia is in optimal condition, it helps the body communicate seamlessly and establish a harmonious connection between various systems. It ensures that the right signals are sent and received without interruption.

But here's the catch: when fascia is "unhealthy," it can obstruct these crucial signals, leading to dysfunctional labor and complications. Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM focuses on addressing these soft tissue imbalances through specialized fascial release techniques. By optimizing the fascia, we can potentially avoid the need for excessive Pitocin augmentation and create a more efficient labor process.

Imagine a labor experience where Pitocin isn't your only option, where you don't have to push the dosage to the limit, and where you reduce the associated risks. That's the power of Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM!

So, if you want to revolutionize the way you approach labor, discover the untapped potential of fascia, and ensure a safer, smoother childbirth experience, don't miss out on this opportunity. Learn more about the incredible world of fascia in Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM, and you'll never look at labor the same way again.

Using Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers

Create Better Birth Experiences

DLM isn't just about changing a labor pattern, it is about supporting a mother and her birth experience. With a dedicated team striving to facilitate a physiological birth, a mother gains a sense of unwavering support, fostering positive memories that can empower her as she embarks on her postpartum journey with increased resilience and self-assurance.

A Safer Approach

DLM uses a natural approach that helps the body get reintegrated so it can function and work the way Mother Nature intended. The DLM approach is non-pharmacologic and non-invasive which is safest for mother and baby.

Place the Baby in an Optimal Position

When DLMSM is used on patients experiencing prodromal labor or a dysfunctional labor, DLMSM can help by getting the baby in a more optimal position to make birth easier and faster.

Course Summary

Johanna's Testimonial

Listen to Johanna's testimonial and journey with Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM .

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With each lesson you will learn how to use your thoughts and your mind, in ways that will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Earn 9.25 Nursing CEU's and 8 CEU's from International Childbirth Education Association. More to come!

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8 Lessons at Your Pace

Course Overview


The Five “P’s” PASSENGER

The cardinal movements and the fetal positions.


The Five “P’s” PASSAGE

• Common shapes of the boney pelvis
• The fascia and internal ligaments
• The pelvic muscles and external muscles
• Understand how the Fascia and • Internal Ligaments can hold up a labor or let it go
• How fascia release helps improve pelvic mobility


The Five “P’s” POWERS

Create a powerful body through fascia releases & stretches along with positioning for an easier physiological birth.


The Five “P’s” POSITION

Position Strategies to facilitate cardinal movements in labor.



The power of emotions and their impact on labor.


Recognizing and Solving Dysfunctional Labor Patterns

Putting it all together!


Bonus: How to prepare for ECV


Bonus: Common Dysfunctional Patterns

The DLM App

Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM (DLM) offers a unique approach to solving many complications that arise and prevent physiologic birth and is now available at your fingertips. The DLM app is for parents and birth professionals who need something quick to help them during difficult labors.

The DLM mobile app gives quick and easy access to natural and gentle solutions for long painful labors, malpositioned babies, or labor dystocias. Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM was designed to help decrease the need for operative deliveries or cesarean sections.


The Dysfunctional Labor ManeuversSM Course

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Learn how to use your thoughts and your mind to achieve the natural birth you desire

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Lifetime access to course material

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with me for six months

12 lessons with videos and participant guide

Learn how to use your thoughts and your mind to achieve the natural birth you desire

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I feel so empowered with my knowledge and skills I learned from Marya.

My name is Johanna and I am a labor and delivery nurse. Taking Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers changed my approach to the art of Obstetric nursing. I feel so empowered with my knowledge and skills I learned from Marya. I have helped so many women achieve beautiful births with these maneuvers, and many times avoiding alternative and less desirable methods such as vacuums, forceps, and episiotomies. She is so experienced, and I can’t wait to reach the level she is at. We can change birth outcomes by using these simple but very powerful methods. All nurses- NEW or EXPERIENCED should have these skills to help women have better and beautiful birth outcomes.

Testimonial by Johanna
The other great thing about the course is that since it's online, you don't have to wait for it to come to you.

Marya's techniques go so far beyond Spinning babies because she integrates how soft tissue/fascia hang ups affect positioning, as well as how our patients’ fears/mindsets slow them down. It's really incredible what she does, and I've become so more advanced in my practice of helping birthing women because of working with her. The other great thing about the course is that since it's online, you don't have to wait for it to come to you. | know | was lucky because | worked directly with her for 4 years, but not everyone has that option. But when | tell you we used to call her “magic,” it is an impressive truth. One or two births with her had even the most skeptical docs looking at the schedule to see if she was working on the upcoming shift when we had stalled patients. | recommend her teachings to any and all birth workers!

Testimonial by Allison Frances
Nurses need this training!

| have completed this course two months ago...OMG! IT WORKS!!!!! by helping laboring mothers to experience short labors and decrease C-Birth rates. Adding the body work moved this training to the next level from all other trainings. | also took Dr. Carol Phillips’ training. She was first to teach me the side lying release technique and ways to release myofascia. Nurses need this training!!! Now you can get CEU's.

Testimonial by Kathy Stewart
It is the best information I've ever seen presented on the biomechanics of labor.

You guys!! If anyone is looking for help with your patients that are slow moving, at risk for a c/section due to malposition, or generally need help, this is it! Honestly, it is the best information I've ever seen presented on the biomechanics of labor. It goes way beyond spinning babies. And there's CEU's too!! | cannot say enough good things about it. In my opinion, it's essential to what we do everyday.

Testimonial by Ashley Crafton

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