Nurturing the Sacred Postpartum Space

We must understand that as the new mother is dealing with life transitions of birth she is as vulnerable as her newborn and needs special care and attention during the time of postpartum.

What Do I Need Postpartum? Top 3 ways to have your best postpartum recovery by an L&D Nurse

The truth about birth is there is not enough postpartum preparation and recovery for a new mother. Today, women are sent home to figure it out on their own and many new mothers do not realize that all the issues you thought would go away after birth don’t. My thoughts always go to the idea that this time in postpartum must be protected and treated as sacred as it was meant to be. These are my top 3 must do's for postpartum mothers and their family.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Marya Eddaifi

I was only 22 when I had my son. It wasn't the best experience but I didn't know better.

It wasn’t until after I became a Labor and Delivery nurse did I realize how badly I was treated and grieved over my birth. Did I tell you this was 15 years later?

After realizing how nurses and medical providers impact such a huge life event, it became my mission to change the world through beautiful birth experiences!